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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A teenage chat room + 40-year old man posing as a 16-year old + a porn ring

How far would you go to protect your teen?

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Week 1
This is a transcript of a chat I found on my daughter's computer. Well, not the whole transcript, which was full of stuff like 'random' and 'weird' and 'whatever'. What follows is only the salient bit.

Tom16: Need to tell u something important. A secret.
Alicia15: Ok ... :-)
Tom16: Not sure if I can trust u.
Alicia15: Why not?
Tom16: Lots of people online aren't who they say they r. If I hear ur voice, I'll know u r not a middle-aged perv posing as one of us.
Alicia15: Makes sense.
Tom16: So. Do u have a mobile?
Alicia15: Yeah. But no.
Tom16: A webcam?
Alicia15: Forget it!
Tom16: Just kidding. How about photos then?
Alicia15: Plural? That's greedy!!! LOL
Tom16: Anybody can have 1 pic of a 15yo girl. If u have 5, u may be for real.
Alicia15: Dunno. I'm not cool with sending my photos.
Tom16: Come on. It's not like giving ur home address or the gold, u know?


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