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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wool - The Silo Trilogy

Wool by Hugh Howey is the first book in the Silo Trilogy. A post-apocalyptic Earth. A subterranean city. An evil IT department. And the most unusual love story.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mark Billingham's Time of Death

It's good. A vintage Billingham. While a continuation of the Tom Thorne series, if can be read as a stand-alone. So go ahead and read it. :-)

For those who need a blurb:

The Missing
Two schoolgirls are abducted in the small, dying Warwickshire town of Polesford, driving a knife into the heart of the community where police officer Helen Weeks grew up and from which she long ago escaped. But this is a place full of secrets, where dangerous truths lie buried.

The Accused
When it's splashed all over the press that family man Stephen Bates has been arrested, Helen and her partner Tom Thorne head to the flooded town to support Bates' wife - an old school friend of Helen's - who is living under siege with two teenage children and convinced of her husband's innocence.
The Dead
As residents and media bay for Bates' blood, a decomposing body is found. The police believe they have their murderer in custody, but one man believes otherwise. With a girl still missing, Thorne sets himself on a collision course with local police, townsfolk - and a merciless killer.
Tom Thorne returns in a chilling mystery that will keep readers guessing until the final page. Time of Death is Mark Billingham's most timely, atmospheric thriller to date.

Friday, September 04, 2015

Lisa Garnder's series

I'm reading Lisa Gardner all wrong. I started with Catch Me, which is fairly late in the Detective D.D. Warren series. I followed up with other books in this line, mostly reading the more recent ones first, probably because I could get hold of them as audio books and listen to them while communting to work.

When they ran out, I moved onto the Tessa Leoni series. It's only three books, so now I'm on Rainie Conner - again, mostly backwards. I've just finished The Third Victim.

For those of you who'd like more order in their lives, have a look here: But it's not as simple as it looks, for the main characters sometimes appear in other charaters' series as cameos....