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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Night School by Lee Child

Reasons to read the book:

  • It’s by Lee Child
  • It’s about Reacher
  • Reacher is young and still in the army
  • He gets to act all clever and heroic, with a few fights thrown in for the fans
  • Featuring  Neagly
  • It’s a cool slice of pre-911 history
  • You get to see a lot of Hamburg, Germany, and suddenly you understand Brexit a little better


Reasons not to read the book:

  • If you think all the Reacher thrillers are the same, this one follows suit. (Now that’s a plus in my opinion, because you get what you expect and paid for, but I know some people might see it differently.)
  • If you need to solve the mystery before Reacher does, you’re out of luck. The cryptic clue will be of no help to the readers.
  • Once you read it, you have to wait a whole year for a new one.