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Friday, February 25, 2011

Books That Are Out There - Romantic Suspense

When Love Won't Die by Jacqueline McMahon

This is Jacqueline's first romantic suspense novel. Surprisingly enough, it does not have a hero. "The heroine ends up defeating the villain," says the author. "She learns to trust people and she realizes that lies only make things worse."

The book is set 45 minutes out of Thunder Bay, a city of 110,000 located on the shores of Lake Superior, with lots of forested areas. This part of NW Ontario is very picturesque and lends itself to great chase scenes in isolated woods.

Who should play the heroine in a movie? Why, Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls/Parenthood), of course!

Eleanor Bennett has an idyllic life.  Married to a handsome and successful lawyer, she spends her days writing novels in their beautiful Victorian home, nestled onto a picturesque piece of property in the country.  As a bestselling author, Eleanor appears to have everything.

But what no one knows, not even her husband Michael, is that Eleanor hides a dark secret, one she vowed to take to her grave.  Unfortunately, for Eleanor, some secrets refuse to remain hidden forever.  With the arrival of one individual from her past, Eleanor’s world is about to come crumbling down around her.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jane Porter books

What I like about Jane Porter books:

  • they are love stories about thinking women for thinking women
  • the heroines want more from life than a rich husband
  • the themes make you think - how much would you be willing to sacrifice for a younger lover? how far would you go to fit in with other moms? would you go against all your beliefs to keep your dream job?
  • I love the first person present tense style
  • the author is a lovely person who's not afraid to admit how much work she puts into her novels.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

LIVE WIRE - jumping the gun

OK, OK, so I know it's not March yet. But you know, the way time whooshes by me, it's bound to be March about two days after I post this, LOL. Or at least it'll feel like only two days. It was Christmas last week, wasn't it? My point exactly.... I'm not sure why shops are displaying Valentine Cards!

So, Harlan Coben and LIVE WIRE. I can't wait because I have a huge crush on Win and Mr Coben kindly promised to feature more of him in his latest book, which I know is going to be a bestseller just on pre-orders! I sure hope we get to see a lot more of Win. I'm happy to look through the keyhole....

BTW: did you know you can be friends with Harlan Coben on Facebook?

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Eve Summers: Chat this weekend

Eve Summers: Chat this weekend: "Come join me at Love Romance Cafe this weekend, hear me chat about my books and win a give-away or three.... In the USA, the time of the cha..."

Cyclone Yasi

I'm not usually one for watching the news. Too depressing. Too time consuming. But I have friends in Townsville, and I've holidayed off the coast of Cairns as well as in Townsville, so Cyclone Yasi is of personal interest to me.

My heart goes out to the communities affected. It must be hard to leave your home carrying only the valuables and emergency supplies. It must be harder still to hanker down in a shelter with masses of strangers, wondering what is going on outside, whether you're safe from both the gusting wind and the king waves, trying not to imagine what is happening to your house.

The last I heard, Townsville had lost electricity. Please, please, please, let everyone be safe and comfortable.

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