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Saturday, April 26, 2014


I'm supposed to be reading book club books. I have a few good ones: The Book Thief and The Mermaid Chair just to mention a few. Instead, though, I'm reading new Polish thrillers and re-reading Lee Child. What does it say about me, I wonder?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Make Your Easter Happy with Thrillers!

The Easter break is approaching fast. In many countries, this means four days of no work. Four days of lazing about, catching up with family members, eating too much and reading not enough.

So, what is there to read in the thriller department? Mark Billingham's latest Tom Thorne book won't be out till 22 May 2014. The latest Lee Child is coming even later: August 28. And I've just finished Harlan Coben's brilliant new release.

Perhaps now is the time to go to the back list and read all those books I missed in 2013? Here are a few of those on my night table:
  • Blackbirds and Mockingbird by Chuck Wendig
  • 7 Dae by Deon Meyer 
  • The Bookthief - is that even a thriller or a literary novel?
  • And if I run out of other people's fiction, there's always my own: Operation: Genocide. :-)

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Person Of Interest - Blacklisted?

I have a bone to pick with the friend / friends who introduced me to the TV series Person Of Interest (fortunately for them, I can't remember who they are). The last thing I need in my life is spend more time on the sofa. I keep telling myself a good writer needs to stay abreast of modern storytelling, be it movies, TV series or novels. Consequently, it's so very easy to spend an hour or more every night doing "storytelling research" with a bowl of popcorn!

That's probably why the first two seasons of Person Of Interest whizzed by in a matter of weeks, and after that bit of catchup, I sat down with the rest of the world to enjoy Season 3. Is is just me? Have I had a Person Of Interest overdose? Or is the third season not as gripping as the first two?

I find myself wanting to watch an episode of Blacklist rather than an episode of Person Of Interest. I'm not very far into Blacklist (just three episodesso far), so perhaps this new addiction will wane, too. Meanwhile, though, I know whom to blame for introducing me to this latest vice: Colby Marshall, a fellow author at Stairway Press. Check out her thrillers, they are worth it!