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Friday, November 25, 2011


Yes, another TV post. I used to feel guilty and self-derogatory about watching TV... until this morning. This morning, I read the advice of a Harlequin author, who said every writer should get immersed in stories, be they books or TV (see the article here). So immediately I stopped dealing with my email and watched the next episode of Bones.

Sometimes I wonder what a squeamish person like me is doing with TV series such as Bones and Dexter. Gruesome is the only way to describe them, and I would seriously prefer them to clean up that aspect of their show identity. And yet I keep on watching.

Why? In Bones, I love the heroine and her co-workers. Sadly, the hero does nothing for me looks-wise, although I love the sexual banter and tension between them (mind you, I'm only on season 1, and I'm told this may change). The episode-long puzzles are so-so, the long-term puzzle (what happened to her parents) is probably what keeps me watching.

Given the choice, though, I'd still vote for Dexter (to see what I think about this show, have a look here).

Friday, November 18, 2011

That Guernsey Pie

I'd heard of the book before and I remembered it. Who wouldn't, with a title that's too long to fit on the spine? Ok, if truth be told, I forgot the title several times, though I did recognise it whenever somebody mentioned it. Oh, yeah, the Potato Peel Pie book. Any good? No thank you, not for me. It's about the war, right? I don't do war.

I indeed don't do war, having been brought up on movies, TV series, radio programs and readers about WW2. I get it why we shouldn't forget, but honestly, is concentration camp material suitable viewing for a 6-year old?

Eventually, sick of my fast-food genre reads, I did give "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" a try. Glad I did. Easy to swallow and digest, and it lingers long in the memory.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Autographing books on Kindle

As weird as science fiction, but true. I can now autograph your e-book with a personalised message. Simply go to Kindlegraph and look for Yvonne Walus books, then request an autograph. Or click here directly. How easy is that?

Friday, November 04, 2011

Left Handed

I'm typing this left-handed: can you tell from the wobbly letter formation? ;-)))

Following a minor injury (fighting a stray tomcat), I'm prohibited from using my right hand for a few days. Mousing left-handed is a breeze and typing not too bad. Placing a signature, putting away a heavy box, opening the bottle of antibiotics - almost impossible. Stacking the dishwasher is all right, cutting vegetables for dinner - no go.

All my male friends listen to my tale of watching TV all day while the hubby does the chores and they steer their wives away from me. All my female friends want to borrow the stray cat....