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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jingle Bells

Okay, so it's only a few day to go. Seven in fact. Are you counting down, or panicking, relieved that the silly season only comes once a year.

But what a great time of the year.

For us here in New Zealand, it's summer time. It's also the end of the school year, the time when most families have their annual holiday, so come Christmas day onwards the country kind of shuts down - well it does after the major sales on Boxing day - Dec 26. Then it's kick back, relax in the sunshine, heat up the barbie and as kiwi's say... she'll be right.

Then hey presto a few days later it's New Year and time for those resolutions. Do you make them? Keep them?

What do I want 2009 to bring?

Now I could be like one of those contestants in Miss Universe (or in my case Mrs) and say I want world peace and no more land mines. And that's true. But what about me? What do I want for ME?

You see, this year, I have discovered that sometimes life just has to be about ME. And just ME.
It's kind of food for the soul, making sure I take care of me, listen to what I want.

And what's that? World peace - of course.

Plus how about 36 hours in the day, so I have 18 hours to write, 4 hours to sleep - and 4 hours for the gym, the family, food in, food out.

But really when you look at the way i've written my priorities, it's really wrong. It should be about ME, but also about the ones closest to us, our families. Because that's what it's all about. We can love writing, love our characters, love that they live happily ever after, after we've thrown everything including the kitchen sink at them, but we have to have balance.

And so... blance for 2009 is.... (drum roll here!!!)

1. Family
2. Me (writing, resting, reading and oh, okay, going to the gym if i have to)
3. Sleep - preferably more than four would be nice - pretty please.
4. And did i mention reading? Now, you can come back and haunt me at the end of 2009 but I will say here and now, in 2009 I will read, read, read more books. I mean i'm a writer, so goodness me I need to read too. And that is the one thing I, Jane Beckenham, wife, mother, writer, can do for ME... sit down, relax, and read a heck of a lot more.

Christmas is coming up fast. I've done the shopping, everything is wrapped and under the tree, except for the chocolates in case the dog gets those! Imagine a packet of chocoate for $1.99 costing $150 at the vet to make the dog sick it up - yes i know disgusting, but true and very expensive! So, I'm all ready for the BIG DAY, except for a couple of stuffing stuffers... books...of course!

So if you're looking for a stocking stuffer....why not a Christmas story, about love and hope and finding that sexy Santa under your Christmas tree!

Jane Beckenham

Santa leaned against a railing of silky teddies and thongs, all pink fluff and feathers along with black lace and faux fur. Mandy blinked several times. The guy didn’t move. The look on his face, humor and downright daring indicated he knew exactly what he leaned against. But still he stayed there. His arms crossed his chest, pulling the red suit across his broad shoulders. The fabric stretched and Mandy’s eyes widened. This was no weasely old man Santa and she wondered for the first time, what lay beneath all that fake Santa stuff?

Red Rose Publishing
Holiday/ Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-249-8

Happy reading and best wishes for the festive season

Go and be silly!
Jane Beckenham


Yvonne Eve Walus said...

Jane, you took the words right out of my mouth! Thank you for a lovely guest blog.

And, having read Desperately Seeking Santa, I just have to say it's a brilliant present. So go ahead, fill your virtual stocking today!

Kim Smith said...

Jane what a great list! I am a little jealous that you are having SUMMER down there right now though... maybe one year we could do like the movie THE HOLIDAY and swap houses??


Jane Beckenham said...

Good idea Kim. Haven't seen that movie, but did see the shorts of it. Maybe in my 'self-imposed' down time I'll get the dvd out.
Thanks Yvonne for having me here too.

Shiela said...

Me??? What's that?? I so rarely take time for me. That is a good New Years Resolution. I've been struggling with a resolution this year and now I have it. :)

Great post Jane!!

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Jane,
Great post. Your New Zealand Christmas sounds very like ours in Australia, nice and hot.

Yvonne, hope both you and Jane and your families have a very happy New Zealand Christmas and New Year.

Jane Beckenham said...

Shiela - now listen young lady, TAKE TIME FOR YOU! That's an order from me.
But seriously, i think women tend to forget themselves in our rush to look after everyone else, we get left behind...sometimes until it's too late, or we're ready to explode.

Jane Beckenham said...

Margaret, hot and sticky here, but would be nice if it was a bit more consistent, though, i am looking out at a beautiful cloudless sky.

Merry Christmas
Jane Beckenham