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Saturday, April 11, 2020

5-star review for Serial Wives

(Reviewed by Team Golfwell)

I was given a complimentary copy of this book, but it does not in any way influence this review of “Serial Wives.”

I was very much entertained in reading this mystery thriller, “Serial Wives: Introducing Zero Zimmerman” by Yvonne Eve Walus, who in my opinion is a highly creative and extremely talented writer.  She writes an exciting and thrilling multi-faceted story in this book.  

I think opening lines in many books tend to be mundane. However, when I began reading this book, I knew immediately after reading the first few pages, I was going to enjoy her writing style and this very exciting and intriguing book.

Here is an excerpt,

“The crayon moved down the page. Red, livid, ready. Spread on the table, splayed like a sacrifice, was the Classifieds section of the New Zealand Herald. He could’ve found the information faster online, but the risk of leaving an electronic trail made him turn to the old fashioned, the tactile, the untraceable. 
“The scent of fake wax from the crayon mingled with the fresh ink of the newspaper.  He paged to the adverts in the Adult Entertainment column. 
“’Bored? Lonely? Looking for a good time?’  
“No, that wasn’t it.  
“‘Fat? So what?’  
“He raised his eyebrows, continued his search. Suddenly, the red crayon halted.  
“’A gentle massage using modern or ancient Eastern techniques. Leaves you invigorated and stress-free. For appointments, phone...’”
“Unconventional. Not into rules. Yes, this one had potential. The crayon swooped, trailed a jagged red oval around the ad.
“’Honey? Are you coming to bed?’
“The voice wafted down the stairwell. He closed the newspaper, careful to line up its edges and smooth out its spine.”  
“’In a minute.’
“He read the advert again.  His blood raced.  The addiction simmered inside him. Excited. Expectant. 
“Definite potential.”

It hooked me in, and I enjoyed this book very much. I also like the pace of the story and its clever organization.  The story kept my interest with increasing intensity, suspense, clever twists and turns, unexpected events, intriguing thoughts all of which increased as I read. I enjoyed the way the author wrote the story with clarity, great attention to detail, yet very concisely (saying a lot with few words) which is a style of writing I very much enjoy.
I also liked the way the author developed the diverse characters by relating what was going on in their heads and the true to life conversations and reactions all of whom in my opinion, she described very well.  I especially the female Constable Zero Zimmerman who is portrayed in a very realistic manner.

All in all, very well done and highly recommended!