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Friday, November 25, 2011


Yes, another TV post. I used to feel guilty and self-derogatory about watching TV... until this morning. This morning, I read the advice of a Harlequin author, who said every writer should get immersed in stories, be they books or TV (see the article here). So immediately I stopped dealing with my email and watched the next episode of Bones.

Sometimes I wonder what a squeamish person like me is doing with TV series such as Bones and Dexter. Gruesome is the only way to describe them, and I would seriously prefer them to clean up that aspect of their show identity. And yet I keep on watching.

Why? In Bones, I love the heroine and her co-workers. Sadly, the hero does nothing for me looks-wise, although I love the sexual banter and tension between them (mind you, I'm only on season 1, and I'm told this may change). The episode-long puzzles are so-so, the long-term puzzle (what happened to her parents) is probably what keeps me watching.

Given the choice, though, I'd still vote for Dexter (to see what I think about this show, have a look here).

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