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Thursday, May 18, 2006

That big screen

I have two jobs and two small kids and 103 writing projects. So it’s only to be expected that sometimes months would go by without my checking in with the real world.

BUT there were two movies I wanted to see this year: Basic Instinct 2 and The Pink Panther. When I wanted to book the tickets for my Mother’s Day outing, however, I discovered that they were long gone. Finished. Sharon Stone and Kevin Kline came to New Zealand’s theatres and I missed it. It didn’t even register on my personal blipometer.

Sad, I tell you. Friends try to comfort me by telling that both movies were crap. That’s even sadder, in a way. And now the Da Vinci Code I so looked forward to for my nameday is getting bad reviews too.

MI3, here I come. Reluctantly.

Still, there are movies out there worth a mention. Like the Inside Man: a thoroughly enjoyable thinking thriller, with two timelines that pushed it above the average for me. Imagine Me and You was also highly watchable, although it did make me realise that my ear is now far more attuned to a myriad of American accents, and that it’s a challenge to understand plain spoken English.

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Anonymous said...

Read what I said about the davinci code. It is a kick-ass movie. MI3 is good too. Da vinci is better, though.