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Friday, January 30, 2009

Speed blogging with LK Hunsaker

Yvonne: Drinking her café mocha on my blog today is LK Hunsaker, a novelist whose books can best be described as literary romance or "mainstream romance with an artsy twist". Loraine, please tell us what that means.
Loraine: Hi Yvonne, and thanks so much for having me! Literary fiction is known to have a unique style as well as emphasizing social issues and deep relationship studies. I love classic literary fiction but it can get heavy to read. Category romance is generally light and casual, and I love that as well, so I combine the two. My novels are psychological and social/cultural based with deep charcterization, but they’re casual and light and easy to read, with touches of humor, plenty of romance, and upbeat endings. All of my novels deal with the arts in some form since I’m art obsessed, and my style has a unique feel.

Yvonne: That sounds exactly like my kind of book! Sell me your latest release.

Loraine: Rehearsal: The Highest Aim is the second in a series revolving around rock music in the 1970’s. Two musicians and a dancer feature in a love triangle of sorts while a young band climbs the dangerous ladder of the music world.

Yvonne: Do readers' opinions matter to you?

Loraine: Definitely! What are writers without readers? I wouldn’t change my genre or what I feel I need to write because of opinions, but I do listen in hopes of improving my work with each book, as well as for encouragement that I’m not wasting my time.

Yvonne: Who are you when you're not a writer?

Loraine: No one. *wink* Seriously, whatever else I’m doing, I’m always a writer. I’m a wife and mom, an artist, an amateur photographer, a more amateur gardener, a traveler as I can be, and I mess with the guitar and piano at times. I work as the network coordinator for a sand therapy center. I’m also a perpetual student and adore learning new things.

Yvonne: What surprising items would a customs officer find in your handbag?

Loraine: Hand sanitizer. A stack of my own bookmarks. I guess nothing else unusual. Pretty boring, isn’t it? Thanks again, Yvonne!

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Unknown said...

Loraine--I clicked on this blog because of the topic--literary romance. I had no idea the blogger was you!! Why was I interested in "literary romance?" Because I've only recently seen the term on a couple of publisher's websites. And I got my answer from you-"What is literary romance?" I said to myself, and couldn't find the answer. Thanks, bunches. Very good--Celia

Jane Richardson said...

Ah, Loraine - a woman after my own heart! 'Literary romance' sounds like something I'd want to read, after all, I have shelves full of stuff I'd describe as exactly that. Aren't these descriptions difficult sometimes?? I have one of Loraine's books on my e-reader rigt now, so that's my weekend reading sorted!
Thanks for the blog!
Jane x

Anonymous said...

I *LOVED* your first two books and look forward to curling up on the couch one day very soon and losing myself in Rehearsal - The Highest Aim. Great characters and engrossing storylines... I thank you for giving me that wonderful place to escape to.

LK Hunsaker said...

Celia, I'd love to know who else is using the term since I hadn't seen it before I started using it!

Jane, it is hard to describe work that isn't straight genre fiction. I use both literary romance and mainstream romance, since the term "literary" tends to scare off some readers. I don't want anyone to be afraid of me. ;-)

Glad you both found me here even before I invited you!

Georgiana, thank you so much for your beautiful words! I hope you enjoy Highest Aim, as well.

Maggie Toussaint said...

I enjoyed reading about your passion for arts and writing, Lorraine. I also have bookmarks in my pocketbook. Two peas in a pod!


LK Hunsaker said...

Great minds ;-) I left a couple today at the auto shop while waiting on our state inspection.

Thanks, Maggie!

Betty Jo said...

Dear Yvonne,

Congratulations on earning a PREMIO DARDOS Award!

Please check out this link for details:

Cheers -- and keep up your terrific work.

Yvonne Eve Walus said...

Thank you for speed blogging with me, Loraine. I hope literary romance catches on and that you (and I, and many other writers I know) become instant bestsellers!

ND Hansen-Hill said...

An interesting blog, Yvonne and LK! Love that term "literary romance". I hadn't heard much about it before, but this has been an education. It's the kind of romance I enjoy most - I just hadn't realized there was a name for it!


LK Hunsaker said...

Yvonne, I was glad to be here with you this week. Congrats on your award!

Norah, I believe the term is starting to spread so hopefully we'll see much more of it. Thanks for the comment. :-)