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Monday, November 17, 2008

New Release: Witch Hunts on the Internet

"Witch Hunts on the Internet" is available at last! (And to think I was about to have a contest letting the readers predict the publication date, just like Jane Sutton did with "The ride", LOL.)

As far as Internet safety goes, it's an important book, particularly for parents, but also for all Internet users. "Witch Hunts on the Internet" shows you just how vulnerable and exposed you are.

Let me tell you a story. Yeah, a true one. 6 years ago, if all you knew about me from an online chat was my first name (a reasonable detail to disclose, you might think), the country I lived in (many chat rooms showed that by default) and that I enjoyed playing a game called Diplomacy (something I did not reveal on any website, but may have theoretically mantioned in a chat)... so, if you knew those 3 things about me, you would have been able to get my surname and address. Scary? You bet.

So go read the book and make sure you and yours are safe.

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Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Congratulations on the release of your book Yvonne! It sounds really interesting. I'm looking forward to reading it. And, I'm glad you didn't have to hold a publication date contest!

Jane Kennedy Sutton
Author of The Ride