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Saturday, August 17, 2013

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Red Rose Publishing
August 2013


This is my To-Do-Before-I-Turn-30 list:
•         Eat an ostrich egg. Check.
•         Play with a cheetah cub. Check.
•         Swim with a dolphin. Check.
•         Scuba dive in a foreign country. Double check for doing it at night.
•         Skydive. Check, bonus points because I wasn’t scared.
•         Dare to love again. Nah, cross it out. So not going to happen. I’ve learned my lesson.
•         Make love on a yacht.
•         ... With a stranger for extra points.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not into one-night stands. The idea of getting close and intimate with someone I’m not emotionally involved with gives me the creeps. I only included it in my to-do list because I was hurt and devastated and not thinking straight.
Getting dumped wasn’t on my to-do list. Neither was an impromptu trip to Africa. When my now-ex-boyfriend broke up with me, I simply sold my engagement ring and booked the first holiday package I found. My Before-I-Turn-30 list was born on the long flight towards the Black Continent.
And now I’m in Africa. The sun is hot. The air is hot. My energy levels are up there with over-boiling. In just two short weeks, I managed to put a big fat checkmark next to five items on my bucket list. Beats choosing the wedding cake, that’s for damned sure.


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