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Friday, August 09, 2013

I blame Lee Child for my recent food cravings...

I blame Lee Child for my recent food cravings. No, he didn't make me pregnant. It's just that I’m re-reading THE AFFAIR, and every time Jack Reacher goes into the diner for that enormous cheese burger and the squirrel’s nest of shoestring fries, my mouth starts watering.

Doesn’t help that elsewhere in this book there is the most explicit sex scene Lee has ever written. And for some bizarre yet totally cliché reason, it makes me crave gooey chocolate fudge.

It’s a mark of a great writer to immerse the reader in the book so thoroughly. My only hope is I’m different enough from Reacher not to walk around hitting people. Mind you, if I don’t sink my teeth into a fat cheeseburger soon, I might just start wanting to…

That scene, BTW, it’s good. I know it was nominated for the 2011 worst published scene award, but I disagree. We got the tension and the delay before, we got the distrust after, we got some great visual and auditory effects during. For those who feel there was a lack of emotional reaction, well, that’s Reacher for you. You don’t see him get emotionally involved in a fight, do you?

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