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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Announcing: Operation Genocide

It is my tremendous pleasure to announce that my thriller "Operation: Genocide" will be published by Stairway Press later this year.


Whether you’re a monster or a hero depends on who will write the history books. Back in 1982, Annette Pretorius discovers that her secret agent husband developed the HIV virus as a commission from the whites-only South African government. When her husband is found dead with a carving of a white unicorn in his clenched fist, it's a warning. To protect her family, she should bury her husband's national secrets with him. But can she stand back and let the innocent millions suffer?

Heading the investigation is Captain Trevor Watson, Annette's ex-boyfriend. Six years before, he was driving an armed vehicle whose crew was supposed to shoot bullets into a crowd of protesting black schoolchildren. Watson went against orders and turned the vehicle around. His decision cost him his religion, many friends and as many promotions. In the Pretorius murder case, Watson’s loyalty is being tested again when all the evidence stacks up against his high school sweetheart.

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