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Thursday, May 07, 2009

That latest Harlan Coben bestseller....

I love Harlan Coben. His books (both the stand-alones and the series ones) are page-turners, both easy to read and with a message that makes you think long after you're finished. The dialogues are showcases of subtle humour and understatement. His narrative makes every word vivid and powerful.

I'm also in love with Win Lockhorne - did I mention how realistic Coben's characters feel? - I'm in love with his attitude, his bad boy ways in the bedroom and his goofy Mee jokes. He can watch home-made DVDs featuring us as the main stars any time!

But I digress. The latest Harlan Coben book, like all the others, deserves to be a bestseller. It has all the right elements: the emotional load, the pace, the philosophy. This one happens to be in the Win Lockhorne... er, I mean, the Myron Bolitar series, but nowadays I think it almost doesn't matter.

The title? No idea. Something with an L? That's the one problem with Harlan Coben: all his titles sound the same to me....

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