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Friday, February 13, 2009

La Grande Dame

I'm reading non-fiction for pleasure. That must be the first (I read non-fiction in order to cope with the kids). Ok, except for Richard Feynman's "Surely you're joking, Mr Feynman".

Anyway, my current reader is about the widow Clicquot (la grande dame) and her biscuity yellow champagne. The book's cover is also yellow... and that's about all I can tell you about it without lifting my bottom off the computer chair or opening another browser window, so if you need to know the author or the actual title, ask Dr. Google or your local librarian.

(I swear, those ladies are sharp! A few months ago I asked them one of those dreaded questions: "I'm looking for a specific book with sock pirates in it. A children's book."
"Ah, you must mean The Baby Brumble. Let's see if it's on the shelf."
Just like that.
"That was easy," she said. "The worst I've had was: I'm looking for a book I've heard about. It's very thick.")

Anyway, the Veuve Clicquot champagne is heaven, and the book offers gorgeous insights into the wine-making world, including the fact that 200 years ago champagne was 200 times sweeter than it is today.


Kim Smith said...

Don't you kind of feel like a non fic book sometimes is like a huge sip of wine after drinking water all day??? it just tastes so GOOD for a change!!

Yvonne Eve Walus said...

But as is the case with even the best wine, a glass or two is usually enough, LOL....