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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Melody Knight

Today, we're chatting to author Melody Knight who writes "romance with a difference". You can find her on

Melody, please tell us about your latest release, "In Trysts".

"In Trysts" is about Camellia Mackintosh, who has worked for years to reinstate women to wealthy family trees. Their antecedents who were ignored, overlooked, or deliberately ousted from these powerful families. By virtue of careful research, and illegal hacking into corporate files, Camellia builds an inarguable case for them. She's helped a dozen women so far, but what draws in political consternation is the way her "work" upsets both corporate and political concerns. A spy, Jake Hastings, is set on her trail, only to find that Camellia has selected a descendant from his family for her next "restoration". The two clash, in all ways.

I've just finished the sequel, "In Flames". Marco is Jake's spy partner, and Sophie is one of the women she's helped. The two stir flames while attempting to deal with mysterious fiery assaults on Sophie's life.

What made you decide to write a spy story?

I've written quite a few spy stories, beginning with "Light Play". There's something about the relative freedom of being a spy, combined with the opportunity for intrigue, mystery, and of course, gadgetry, which fascinates me. It also offers the potential to bring in some of the latest scientific discoveries without boring your readers to tears. Put them in the context of a thriller, and you have non-stop action.

Tell me about the spy you once knew.

My Light Play Trilogy actually brought my work to the attention of a former spy. He contacted me, and was a content reader for me through the Light Play books, the Grave Images series, and some of my Trees Series novels. We lost touch three or four years ago when my computer died and my address book was lost. He was connected with weaponry experts, and he consulted with me regarding how to blow up coffins and such in my books. Given the anti-terrorist climate at the time, I didn't think it would be exactly "propitious" for him to have me continue consulting him on spy and weapons matters, so now I consult a Yahoo list, instead. Have to say I miss his jokes and input—he and his wife were really nice people.

What did he say about the book?

I don't know whether he's seen "In Trysts", because I wrote it under a pseudonym (Melody Knight). My other work was as N. D. Hansen-Hill (

Any tips for writers trying to make it big?

Tips for writers? Yes: keep writing. Submit to larger publishers, but if rejected, review and rewrite, then submit to some of the independents. If you're published by independents, keep work in front of them as much as possible. The most successful "small time" writers I know are doing well financially because they have so much work out there, and people are actively seeking their books. They've created a readership, and expand it all the time. Write, write, write!

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