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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Desert Warrior

Nalini Singh spins a real Arabian Tale with her “Desert Warrior” (Silhouette Books, Desire). It’s a pure romance set in a fictional sheikdom, and part of the fun reading this book is learning about the country, its people, the customs and the minerals unique to the region. It’s a little like reading a fantasy book and getting to discover a new (imaginary) world.

The sheik is an alpha male supreme, of course. Handsome, passionate and powerful, his darker moods are easily provoked by possessiveness and memories of a past hurt.

The heroine is superbly equipped to deal with her sheik: she has all her love, plus her quiet feminine determination to earn the love of the man she’s once rejected.

It’s a good book to read when on a day when your belief in true love is ebbing and you can do with a chocolate balm for your emotions.

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