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Thursday, June 08, 2006


The book is hard to find on Think about it: if you can’t remember that Sophie Cunningham is the author and you simply search for “Geography”, guess what happens. Which is a shame, because the book is well worth reading (and owning). Perhaps “Geography of Obsession” would have been a catchier title.

Not that the author was going for catchy. The beginning is slow, albeit beautiful. That beauty of prose is evident throughout the book, yet it doesn’t make the style any less accessible nor less erotic. The ideas within the book make you think and empathise. The ending, although not a surprise one, is thoroughly... ahem... satisfying.

I leave you with a quotes:
“In the years that followed, I kept thinking back to those two nights [] trying to work out the moment that he got under my skin. Trying to pinpoint the moment things have shifted from play and romance into obsession. Was it when the sex was good? Was it when he made me feel like an adult? Was it when he made me feel like a child? Was is Los Angeles? I tried to work it out. I wanted to make sure it never happened again.”


Jessica Lourey said...

Congratulations on your great WhoDunnit review! :)

Yvonne Eve Walus said...

Thank you. :-)
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