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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Glorious 50s

I love the TV programme "Wonder Years". Through a shimmering cloud of nostalgia, the creators managed to portray a childhood world of love, safety, security... and yes, all right, and wonder. Kind of like Pleasantville, but without the issues.

Not that I've experienced the 50s, nor even the 60s (apart from a few months as an infant). I grew up in the 80s, when it was self-evident that a woman is worthless unless she is simultaneously a full time career-climber, a full time home-maker, a party animal and a part-time student. From that point of view, from my point of view, the women in the 50s had it easy: they could spend time with their children, they didn't have paid jobs to stress them out, and they didn't have to lock their front door.

But they got bored, I hear you say? Hah! Show me a modern woman who doesn't get bored in her paid employment.

But they didn't have any money of their own? Well, in today's consumer society, neither do we. All our money goes towards maintaining our take-away lifestyle, and we use up credit to pay for our house cleaners and child minders.

That whole emancipation thing was a mistake, methinks. I'll swap my right to vote for the right to be a 50s woman any time.

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