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Friday, September 12, 2014

Nigel Latta on Success

Last night, I really enjoyed watching Nigel Latta live as he talked to the 1000+ audience about success. His definition of success is not money or fame or a title or material stuff (though I daresay when you have money and fame and stuff it's easier to say they're not important). His definition of success is leading a meaningful life and making sure you have enough good moments that turn into pleasant memories.

Works for me.

He also mentioned the importance of treating people well and orienting your activities with other people's well-being in mind.

Still trying to process this one.... ;-)

According to Nigel, you shouldn't always follow your dreams. On a rational level, I get what he's saying. On an emotional level, I just think I'll be ignoring this bit of advice.

For people who've missed the talk, Nigel has a Politically Incorrect Guide To Adults (DVD). Well worth taking a look.

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