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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Moon She Rocks You

Today in our virtual studio we have Gurutej Khalsa, a founding practitioner of Kundalini and one of a handful of Kundalini Yoga Masters in the world. She has taught people for over 40 years to connect to their higher consciousness through healing, meditation, yoga, and chanting. Her book, The Moon She Rocks You, shares interesting and potentially life changing information.

Q: Welcome, Gurutej. Your book's got an attention-grabbing title. What does it mean?

A: Have you noticed that some days you feel strong and powerful and can take on the entire universe and other days you want to find a bathroom to hide in and cry? Why is that? This book will give you many tools, techniques and tips to restore your balance so you can easily access the gifts of each Moon Center. This is not a shield to hide behind, but information to make you more aware, informed, and complete with support tools that will make you more powerful as a woman.

Women are ruled by the moon. Like the moon, women are a mystery. We have a dark unseen side and another that’s fully lit. We change cycles every 2.5 days. We have tides like the ocean, and we call our menstrual cycle, our moon cycle. The Moon Centers show us various points in our body that correspond to certain feelings and moods we may experience during the 28-day lunar cycle.

The cycle of the moon plays with these points of your body. What I would like to accomplish in this book is to explain these points; show where they reside in a woman’s body and reveal what the locations mean for each of these Moon Centers. But this book is about knowing what and where the Moon Centers are in your body and revealing how their cycles can be used to your advantage. This book will give you a preview of some tools and tips you can utilize to help balance these Centers and to activate them.

With The Moon She Rocks You, you can use a chart of the body and check it each day to see where you think you are in this cycle. You will also get in-depth information on the negative, positive, and neutral aspects of each Moon Center and how these play out with ways for balancing each of them. With practice you can make great use of the Moon Centers in your life. (

Q: So what message or advice do you hope to convey?
A: The message is to give women and men tips of how to take the drama and trauma out of their lives. Using these 11 moon centers, I give tips on food, breathing methods, meditations, love tips, and so much more about how each woman can live in a more balanced state and accept the gifts that each Center offers. I want all women to take advantage of the gifts and not be buried by addictive emotions.

Q: I can embrace that! What research did you do to write the book?
A: It’s been 40 years since I originally heard my teacher speak of the phenomena and now I’ve laid it out in this book. I used this information personally and share this teaching all over the world. I have worked with hundreds, no thousands, of men and women on how to use this system to make their lives have less drama and more ease. It is a brilliant and effective system.

Q: Sounds both awesome and hard to top. What's next in line for you?
A: Next I will release a book and a program called The 13th month - Getting 30 Extra Days Each Year. This program and book are geared at two groups. Mothers and people who spend way too much time at their desks or working and want to figure out better ways to live a delicious balanced life having more time to do the things they want. It is a system that works with everything from how you go to sleep and wake up, to little things you do all day long to make more effective choices in everything from food to simple exercise you can do right by or at your desk or in the car for Mom’s.

If you are a woman, knowing about The Moon Centers gives you power over your negative emotions. If you are a man, it gives you the key to understand women of all ages. You learn to listen to the voice of their emotions. Women – we can have control over those crazy emotional times in our lives. For more information, visit -

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