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Thursday, December 02, 2010

It's December already...

... where did the first 11 months of 2010 go?

I can guess where. A large portion was spent on making school lunches, being mom-taxi, supervising homework, playing the same old boring Snakes&Ladders, watching school sports, making beds, tidying up toys, hanging tiny t-shirts out to dry in the sun. Those hours, I don't regret, even if they blend in my mind into a stream of mind-numbing beige-ness.

Another large portion was sold to various people who kindly paid for my written words about topics I wasn't necessarily all that interested in. Those hours, I consider a necessary distraction.

A small portion was squandered on watching The Big Bang theory, Eureka, LOST and 5 seasons of "How I met your mother". Fun and relaxing, but ultimately a waste of the precious time we have here on earth. This message struck home after the Pike River Mine disaster.

Lessons learnt? Enjoy family time more, enjoy TV less. Write more books and fewer blogs. Send fewer emails and see more friends.

Now, for the implementation....

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