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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Despicable Me

What is it about animated children's movies that makes them so accessible to parents? I mean, if you look at my favourite movies of the year, you'll notice a pattern:
  • 2001, Shrek
  • 2002, Ice Age
  • 2004, Shrek 2
  • 2005, a tie between Madagascar and Hoodwinked
  • 2006, Ice Age 2
  • 2008, Kung Fu Panda
  • 2009, Up (with Avatar a close second)
  • 2010, a tie between How To Train Your Dragon and Inception
  • and I'm really hoping to put up Kung Fu Panda 2 for 2011.
We can debate all we like whether it's mommy-brain or parent-sensitivity that's to blame, or whether it's the simple fact that more thought and creativity goes into animated movies in order to recoup the budget. The point remains: "Despicable Me" was one of the better movies I saw this year.

From an adult perspective, the plot was a tad too pat and predictable (Annie meet The Two Who Stole The Moon), but it had enough quirkiness and humour to make for an enjoyable hour and a bit in Gold Class. My own 8-year old female found it funny and touching. From my 6-year old male's perspective, the best part was when the yellow animals made photocopies of their naked bums. And on that expert note....

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