Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Kiss For Luck

A dear friend of mine, Melody Knight, has just returned home after a week-long absence.
"You won't believe it," she said, "but a person CAN not-see-the-Internet for 6 days and survive. When you get back, it's all still there."

Well said, Melody. And this one's for you.

Blurb for Melody's new book, A Kiss For Luck (check out the gorgeous cover):

Sybil's fate has been cast in glass for hundreds of years. For centuries, her world has been defined within the contours of an antique mirror. Even so, her dreams haven't changed. She longs for a chance to break free, to live her girlish fantasy of sweet future and warm caresses.

Jamie Perriford is a self-made man, acquiescing to family tradition. He visits Perriford Castle with a rolling of eyes and a satirical twist of his lips. Never was a man so put upon by family, by irrelevant traditions, by pursuit from determined heiresses. Jamie has need of neither a wife, nor interference from the past.

When Jamie encounters Sybil, he is as warmed by her form and unique perspective, as he is by her rather dusty and naive charms. When he takes her in his arms, he realizes that although Destiny may have brought them here, it was A Kiss for Luck that has wooed and won her. If he can only hold fast, he may be lucky enough never to let her go.

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