Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Sleeping Doll

Jeffery Deaver certainly knows how to spin a tale. "The Sleeping Doll" is a page turner, and I know there's a lot I can learn from him about pacing and body language.

I did think, however, that one of the twists was a bit too convoluted for its own good. It felt a bit slapped-on at the end, and it failed my sanity check of "would a person really go to all this trouble to..."

Still, it's a fun book to read, and it certainly kept me off my computer for two nights in a row.


Nikki Leigh said...

Hi Yvonne

The next book with this new heroine came out a couple of months ago and while I like the Lincoln Rhyme books I was ready for a new lead character :)

Jeffrey Deaver is one of my favorite authors and I do agree that there is usually one twist that I find hard to believe, but I love his style.

I got the chance to sit down and talk to him about his characterization and some story strategies one day. That was so cool and I wish we had had more time for me to pick his brain :)

Nikki Leigh

Yvonne Eve Walus said...

Oh, Nikki, I just love Ms Dance as a character and I'm definitely going to look up the sequel. Thank you for letting me know.

"The Sleeping Doll" was my first JD book, so I can't comment on Lincoln Rhyme, but it's a safe bet that when I run out of books about this new heroine, I'm going to turn to the others.

A bit like with Harlan Coben: at first, I preferred his stand-alone thrillers, but now I read the Sexy Win series too, LOL.