Saturday, November 05, 2005

Pratchett or Fforde?

I remember when I asked this question in its original form, I phrased it thus: "Pratchett or Adams "? At the time, Terry was 4 deep into Dicsworld and Douglas was 4 deep into his trilogy, so it was a fair question. I mean, hey, we are talking the early 1990s here.

To many, it is still a fair question. Once a Hitchhiker fan, you can never quite throw in the towel. But right now, I'm interested in an updated version of the question: what do you guys think of Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series as compared to pterry's Thud! and Going Postal?

All comments eagerly awaited.

(Oh, and when I asked that question all those years ago, my answer was Adams. It took a few more years and "Small Gods" to change my mind."


Anonymous said...

Currently, Fforde, but let's see whether he gets tired after a few decades...

Anonymous said...

Pratchett. I enjoyed The Eyre Affair, but feel that I've heard FForde's joke now, I don't need to hear it again!

But, like you, when I first read Pratchett (and this would be either The Colour of Magic or The Light Fantastic), I thought he was just a Douglas Adams rip-off. So maybe my view of Fforde will change too!


Anonymous said...

There are some unmemorable Discworld novels, but then there are those you want to read again and again. I'm still waiting for a Thursday Next book I want to read twice.