Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Blue Nowhere

(actually, I was going to do a philosophical post today, about all the things that irk me and soothe me, but this book just couldn't wait)

"The Blue Nowhere" by Jeffery Deaver is as close as you can get to a masterpiece when writing a thriller.

I confess that I'm biased: my background is in IT and I have a geek fetish (anybody who can dictate a piece of UNIX code from memory using the slash-bang jargon immediately scores 50% higher on his sexy-o-meter), so clearly the topic is close to my heart.

Nevertheless, I found the plotting very good (no quibbles this time about far-fetched twists) and the amount of research humbling (I only found 1 mistake and 1 oversimplification, though I daresay my geek husband will find more when he reads it next week). I loved the major characters, heroes and villains alike - now what could be higher praise than that?

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Mynhard said...

Your geek husband is looking forward to it!