Thursday, June 04, 2009

Guest Blogger: Christine Duncan, author of Safe House

Getting to Know You by Christine Duncan

I have a theory that if I like an author's work, I'm going to like the author. Since I've joined writers groups, I've discovered that the converse is not always true. Sometimes, I might like the author but not like her work. That has been a bit disconcerting to me

So then I formed a new theory. If I wanted to find a new writer to read, I should discover if they have the same general way of looking at things as me. That can involve a lot of networking. Either that, or I spend a great deal less time reading which is unacceptable.

There is a lot of talk lately in author circles about networking. Actually there has probably always been talk in author circles about networking. It used to be the old fashioned kind--in person. Now a lot of networking is on-line and the talk turns to which sites are the most effective. Twitter is one of the newest darlings. I've read articles suggesting that it is possible to get an agent on Twitter, or to find a publisher on Twitter.

I've seen a lot on Twitter--some of it was fun, some of it was offensive (I tend to unfollow anyone who uses too many 4 letter words.) some of it was But I didn't get an agent there and I don't think my publisher is on it. I did find a couple authors whose books I want to read--which just goes back to my theory.

You see, I think most of us are like that. We want to get to know each other. If you are a real person on-line--as you have to be in person--we're going to want to read your stuff. But if you are on Twitter or Facebook and all I hear out of you is "Read My Book" and I never hear anything else, I don't feel like I know you. And I'm not intrigued.

I'm still working on a theory of how to be myself on-line. It's pretty difficult not to be a little freaked out about the whole thing when you hear about stalkers on the web, or get lectured about revealing too many details to strangers. It's a fine line.

Still I like on-line networking. I like some of it a bit too much--as many before me have complained, I can spend too much time on it. But I don't really think networking on-line is different than going to conferences or giving talks. In other words, people still want to get to know you.

Christine Duncan
Safe Beginnings, A fire, a murder, a battered woman's nightmare
Safe House, Life--and death--in a battered women's shelter. In print soon from
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Yvonne Eve Walus said...

Christine, I couldn't agree more!

Yvonne Walus

Mary Cunningham said...

I agree, Christine. I try to slip in promotion in between interesting tidbits of info. Also very important to support others in responding to their tweets or facebook articles.