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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Terry Pratchett's Nation

Terry Pratchett's "Nation": not a Discworld novel. Terry Pratchett's "Nation": classified as a "young adults' read. I would disagree.

Terry Pratchett's "Nation": not the best book by this author, not the funniest (see footnote 1), not the most polished. And yet, it's probably going to become one of the most unforgettable. 

I don't know, why. I've trawled the Internet, read articles, watch youtube, all in the vain hope that Sir Terry explains what he was trying to say with the books. You know, about gods and bad things that happen to good people and patriotism. Most of his books are an allegory for something (unless I've been reading them all wrong all these decades), and I'm failing to find the reference among all the pointers. HELP!

Footnote 1:
The funniest bit is Mau's interpretation of Daphne's invitation to tea.

Footnote 2: 
I am forever indebted to Sir Terry for my new motto: DOES NOT HAPPEN.

Footnote 3: 
For Imo's sake, get that book out of my mind, somebody!


Lisa Whitefern said...

Yvonne just letting you know- when I tried to click on the link to check out Substitute Wives on your website the link didn't work anymore.

Lisa Whitefern said...

Also I can't seem to subscribe to your blog.

Yvonne Eve Walus said...

Lisa, thank you for letting me know.

=Tamar said...

In an interview somewhere, Sir Terry said that when you write for children, you don't have to cover up all the important issues (like gods and the effect of disasters) with social plotting; you can just get right down to it. Nation is one of his children's books. He didn't have to hide it in an allegory, it's right out there on the surface.
Hint: it's not a romance novel.
In my opinion, it's a buddy story.