Friday, March 27, 2009

The Pratchett Diet

This month, I'm on the Pratchett Diet. I've read "Nation" and am busy re-listening to "Good Omens". It must be the 5th or 6th time I'm going through the book and every time it becomes more Pratchett and less Gaiman. 

Apart from the very worthwhile issues discussed in the book, such as:
  • the nature of religion
  • God's greater plan
  • the nature of belief
  • the nature of angels, fallen angels and man
  • bending the world to your own will
  • the importance of saving whales
  • and the whole planet,
the quality of the book I love the most is its nostalgic make-you-feel-good rendering of The Childhood Summer (a bit like The Go Between and To Kill A Mockingbird, only better). 

The summer in Good Omens is not perfect, but it's hot and long and filled with friends (one dog included) and exciting naughty things to do. 

It's the summer you wish you've ever had. 

It's the summer you'd wish on your own kids.

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