Thursday, January 31, 2008

Eureka 2

I’m grateful for the TV writers’ strike. Truly I am. With no more LOST or Prison Break to catch up on, I finally have time for other activities, such as judging book contest entries and putting final touches on “Murder @ Play”.

Alas, every few months, I begin to miss TV, and Wonder Years reruns only stretch so far. That’s why I was ecstatic to discover that Eureka 2 had been canned - so to speak - before the strike.

Having watched the first episode of the second season, I can only say: so far, so very good. I don’t know why the formula works for me: I’m sure it’s not the SF per se, but also the Northern-Exposure-like characters and the Picket-Fences-like setting. A real cosy down-to-earth pleasure to watch.

And if it means that I don’t write that short story for the 6-pack competition... nor the exotic island one for Ellora’s Cave... nor that editing article for the Freelancer... well hey, Christmas is far away and there’s plenty of time to start being a good girl - later.

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