Friday, January 04, 2008

Escape Velocity - Science Fact and Fiction

2008 is a happy new year so far: my contributor’s copy of “Escape Velocity - The Magazine of Science Fact and Fiction”, Issue 1 Volume 1, arrived this morning. I’m blown away. When people say “magazine”, I picture something flimsy and probably stapled, so even all the positive reviews could not prepare me for what I received: something that looks just like a quality novel, except that its size is A4.

Inside you can find SF stories, SF articles, SF poetry, photos and movie reviews. To quote one of the editors, the magazine’s vision is “to celebrate variety in the 360 degree field we love as science fiction. We give space to those writers who stretch the imagination into the apparently impossible, as well as explore the known world, but with an unusual flavour.”

Trust me, they do. Just take a look at their website - or better yet, order a sample copy.

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