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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Family Baggage

What do you have in your pocketses? What’s your personal Family Baggage? Mine is so varied and colourful, it would easily take a 500-page novel to examine.

Which is why I was a bit disappointed by Monica McInerney’s book by that title. “Family Baggage” implies a suitcase of morsel-size secrets packed neatly in tissue paper as padding for one huge fragile skeleton. What you get is an Australian family saga with a small secret blown totally out of proportion.

Fortunately, you also get a set of lively characters, each of whom you’d be lucky to call a friend. You get a warm fuzzy feeling and cool dialogue. You get a free tour of Cornwall (which is now on my “new places to visit” list just below Japan). All in all, a good comfort read.

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