Friday, March 02, 2007

Visions of Heat

If you're a regular, you will notice that this is an unscheduled post. The questions, however, were too delicious to resist. They come from Nalini Singh on to promote her book "Visions of Heat" (you can read the excerpt here:

1. Which psychic power would you most like to possess?
Making people do what I want them to do.

2. If you could see the future, what would you like to see?
Nothing. Seeing the future would be pretty awful on so many levels! Do I for instance want to see my future bestseller? Absolutely not. Do I want to know when I'll die? Nope.
OK... if I could see danger to my loved ones and me, I'd like to be able to do that PROVIDED I could do something to avoid it.

3. Imagine you woke up one day and could shape shift - what would you shift into?
A dolphin - in a marine reserve. When I'm done playing, I'd like to shape shift into a wealthy person, walk into their bank and withdraw all the money they have on the premises.

4. What kind of a paranormal creature would you invite over for dinner if there were no limits on who you could ask?
A unicorn - my daughter would love that. Um, are unicorns paranormal or just magic? Paranormal... paranormal... don't like vampires... or werewolves... witches are cool. Can I have a witch, please?

5. Which future innovation do you wish would hurry up and get here already? i.e. flying cars, a transporter, computers with artificial intelligence, an auto chef?
- A mouse that you can operate with your foot or with your eye.
- Cars that run on sea water or solar power.
- Publishers who pay attention to middle-list authors.

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