Thursday, March 08, 2007

Small Price To Pay

What should you do with an unfaithful husband, particularly one who considers you too fat to have an affair of your own?

For the answer, you'll need to look to my very own comedy novella, Small Price to Pay. Yes, this is blatant self-advertising, but with good reason: the story won the February 2007 contest organised by Echelon Press, USA ( and I’m dizzily, irrationally, bubblingly proud of it.

And before you ask.... No, the heroine of Small Price to Pay is not based on me or my own experiences. My husband is not having an affair, and I don’t know a gorgeous Italian named Antonio....

(As you may know, Small Price to Pay is my third title published by Echelon Press. The first, Murder @ Work, appeared in 2004, with Murder @ A Little Bead Shop following in 2006.
Also, watch out for my “Interview with the Dragon”, due to be released by Echelon Press later this year. Woo-hoo!)

Review Snip for Small Price To Pay: A deserving winner of the Fast and Frisky 2007 contest.

To win a copy of Small Price to Pay, please visit my website to find my address and send me an email with the subject “Small Price to Pay - competition”.


At the dinner table, over a romantic arrangement of oysters, seared tuna and a bottle of the best white I could find, I told Rob and Hannah to start packing for their summer camp.

"Perhaps you and I can have some time off together while they're gone," I told Nick when the children's hoorays had wound down and they'd skipped out of the room to pick out t-shirts and togs.
I leaned forward to display my ample cleavage. I had dressed in a little black number... well, in a big black number that was kind to my curves. I even wore perfume. I tossed my hair and a lock fell across my cheek in textbook fashion (How to Woo a Man Using Your Hair 101).
Last chance, I thought. "You know, just you and me. A second honeymoon."
"The thing is," Nick stammered, not looking at me, "I have to be in Auckland next week."
"The whole week?" I feigned surprise.
"A conference," he murmured. "No point driving back and forth."
I sighed. "All right. But I don't feel like staying home all by myself. Perhaps I could go to Auckland with you," I teased. I already knew the answer.
And that's how I got Nick's okay for my week away in Melbourne.
The city greeted me with a cold breeze (was this really the warm Australia I'd read so much about?) and bright sunshine. I checked into the Melbourne Marriott and called Antonio's number.

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