Tuesday, February 07, 2006

When I grow up I want to be Elizabeth Berg

Yes, I admit it: I'm envious. Elizabeth Berg is the author of New York Times bestsellers and award-winning novels. But more importantly, she writes the way I hope to write one day.

In Talk Before Sleep, she portrays the sorrow of losing a friend to cancer. But the book, instead of being depressing or annoying (anybody who's seen Leaving Las Vegas will know what I mean), manages to be uplifting, humorous and warm.

Say When is another potentially difficult book, this time about the journey of a marriage, the inevitable irritations, the heartbreak of the break-up, the bitter sweetness of the reunion. And yet, instead of being banal, Say When brims with hope, interesting twists and real people.

Some authors you love at first sight. Until I grow up, though, I'll have to hate this one.

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