Thursday, February 23, 2006

Secret Smile

All Nicci French titles sound the same to me: "Secret Smile", "Beneath the Skin", "Killing Me Softly" (now if I start humming to this one, I will reveal my age, right?) and they all sound like romance books, not thrillers. Even the author's name, or rather pseudonym, seems to speak of exotic places and things French.

Still, I read one of them (and I'm almost 100% sure it was "Secret Smile", LOL, though the blurb "Killing Me Softly" sounds fantastic with its promise of obliterating sex). And it was good. Apart from the helpless heroine, of course, who got herself into more and more mess by her inaction and her reluctance to argue a point.

We need strong, clever, effectual heroines in our fiction. Our daughters need role models. Onto the pyre with Bridget Jones.

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