Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Color Blind by Colby Marshall

A brilliantly plotted beginning to a promising series. The protagonist, an ex-FBI profiler, has an unusual condition: she can see emotions as colours. But will her sixth sense help in stopping a mass murderer from causing more public slaughter? Will it protect her family?

I picked up this book because I myself am blessed with the ability to see the alphabet, numbers, months and days of the week as colours and shapes. But one sentence in and I was hooked, regardless of the synesthesia quirk. I cared about the characters and found it impossible to predict the well-thought-out twists and turns of the action.

Read it. Your only regret is that Book 2 is not available yet.

A neurological condition characterized by automatic, involuntary sensory perceptions triggered by seemingly unrelated stimuli.

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