Thursday, November 15, 2012

GenreCon Sydney 2012 - Part 3 - Villains, Monsters and Cads

Pretend it's still Saturday 3rd November 2012, at the GenreCon in Sydney. The after-lunch sessions I attended featured:
  • three experts telling us what TV programs get wrong when it comes to the crime scene and the hospital,
  • three different kinds of bad boys in fiction.
What I learnt:
  • even very experienced doctors would hesitate to perform tracheostomy with a ball point pen, and the procedure thus depicted on TV is usually laparoscopy, not tracheostomy, anyway;
  • members of the press are not nearly as obnoxious as TV writers create them to be - in real life, they wait politely in line to receive the press statement and they ask what they can do to help catch the perp;
  • police departments don't fight over jurisdiction: they are so overworked, that if an FBI agent arrives on the scene to say "this is my case", the police will grin and hand the paperwork right over, before he changes his mind;
  • Vikings were a trading nation, not a warring nation, and their helmets didn't have horns.

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