Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Lengths Writers Go To For Their Art

If you could see into my house half an hour ago, you would have observed one very frustrated writer digging in the trash can among yesterday's tissues and three days ago's raw chicken thigh polystyrene trays (eeeeew). But I found it. The plastic wrapper my Writing Magazine came in. Printed on it, was my subscription number, which I needed to enter their Love Story Competition. (After all that effort, I'd better win!)

This set me thinking. How far do writers go for their art? Personally, I can list:
  • Digging in reeking rubbish.
  • Staying up till 3.30AM knowing I have to be up less than four hours later.
  • Forgoing a better paid job.
  • Saying, "It's ok, guys, you go see Spiderman without me".
  • Agreeing to wear a ridiculous hat to an author signing.
  • Did I mention digging in reeking rubbish? It deserves it.

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