Thursday, August 23, 2012

Randy Ingermanson... oh, the Snowflake Guy!

This weekend, it's going to be my pleasure and privilege to introduce Randy Ingermanson at the Romance Writers of New Zealand Annual Conference. Randy, better known as the Snowflake Guy (because of his Snowflake writing technique), is actually a PhD in Theoretical Physics turned novelist. As a PhD in Mathematics turned novelist, I'm really going to enjoy a whole Friday in Randy's workshop.

I wonder whether he's ever met Richard Feynman.... That's not what Friday's workshop is about, but you know me, I'll be sure to ask anyway.

Anyway, Randy sounds really funny. Have a look at his website here. And it's not too late to register for Friday's workshop at the Crowne Plaza in Auckland. We'll be talking about fiction architecture, snowflakes and the Hunger Games.

May the odds of your attending the conference be ever in your favour!

The Snowflake Guy

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