Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Seventh Taboo - review

A beautiful one compliments of "Long and Short Reviews":

"... Clones are identical? Clones are the same sex? The future stretches the scientific boundaries until even the people of that time aren't sure what can be achieved.

In a world of virtual reality, some workmates decide to play an illegal Face to Face game. This is when Jade and Lorri-Ann meet. They are immediately attracted to each other and Lorri-Ann wonders if she has met her soul mate, but realizes this can't be as they are different genders.

In a world where the young and cloned have live-in monitors, these two young people steal moments to investigate and maybe advance their attraction for each other.

Although short this story is full of mystery. Jade and Lorri-Ann combine their skills to outwit their mentors and search the files for clues to their origins.

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