Thursday, August 05, 2010

Let's go to the movies - Inception

Inception is simply brilliant and brilliantly not simple. In fact, it is so not simple that I spent the first ten minutes wondering what the hey is going on... and not in a good intrigued way, but in a completely lost way.

It probably would have helped to have read the movie's blurb. Had I known it was about entering people's dreams, I would have been ok. But when I sat down in the Gold Class reclining chair, cocktail in hand, I couldn't even remember which movie we were going to see. Di Caprio's face was the first clue this was not the "I want to be a teenage vampire Part 3" movie.

Anyway, once I got past the confusing bit, the rest was simply brilliant. It deserves being said twice. I loved the way Inception stayed with me for days as we discussed the possible meanings. Leaving the ending open interpretation was also a stroke of genius.

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