Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Invictus is an odd movie. I purposefully haven't read any reviews, so this post's observations are as unpolluted as freshly "cowed" milk :-) ...

  • I myself really enjoyed watching the movie...
  • ... even though I'm not a rugby person. But...
  • ... I'm not sure how many non-South Africans would find Invictus as riveting as I did.
For me, the movie was a trip into my past and to the country I love (puns on "Cry, The Beloved Country" welcome). Nostalgia lane as well as research for my "Murder @..." cozy mystery books. I loved the accents, I loved the scenery, I loved the old familiar inter-personal relationships.

The movie's plot, however, was - understandably - even more straight-forward, un-twisty and un-surprising than that of Avatar (please read my other posts about this). It tugged at my heart strings, yes, but how did it manage to draw in other audiences? I'd love to know!

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