Thursday, November 26, 2009

Building Believable Book People

On one of my loops, I found a link to an interesting article about letting past experiences shape your book people. It looks a bit long-winded, but it's written well, so take a look.

What experiences have shaped your personality? What are you afraid of and why? Why do you dream the ambitions you do?

Tell me. (WARNING: I'm not promising not to use it in a book....)

Here are some random musings about some of my quirks:
  • My parents moved house, city and even country on a regular basis. Is it a coincidence that I get stressed by change in my surroundings?
  • Here is a factor that shaped me in its contrast: my father led a nomadic life style and was a more of a guest in our household than a family member. I expect the father of my children to participate 50-50 in the nitty-gritty of child-raising.
  • Food for thought: I come from a culture which shows friendliness through gifts and hospitality. My husband comes from a culture of saving every penny. Hands up who can see a potential for conflict?

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