Friday, October 30, 2009

Books I would like to read....

I try not to have a to-read pile on my bedside table. The minute I think of it in those terms, reading becomes yet another task on my to-be-crossed-off-as-soon-as-possible list, and that's not the point of having a to-read pile, is it?

So, sitting next to my computer is a book I'd like to read out loud with my husband: Pratchett's "Unseen Academicals". The way our couple-time is going at the moment, we might manage to read page 10 next year sometime.

Then there is the latest non-fiction about Agatha Christie (I'm dying to find out what her original ending for Death Comes As An End was). This one arrived from Amazon today and was promptly put in the Christmas gift sack (a present to me from the family).

Add a few latest releases from Poland (thanks, Mom!) and I'm all set. The list is not too long, and it actually sounds exciting. Now, the kids need to get over their flu so that I can find some time for reading....

PS: My alter-ego, Eve Summers, has a new book out with Red Rose Publishing: Wild Thing. Check it out!

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