Thursday, April 16, 2009

Red Dwarf - Back to Earth

I'm certainly Back To Earth with a thud. There I was, believing it was Red Dwarf Season 10 I was watching (having inexplicably missed Season 9, claimed in one of the new episodes to be the best of the series), when...

... it ended. 

3 episodes was all we got.

And a quick ruffle through the Net assured me there was no Season 9.

And a quick ruffle through my dusty video cupboard assured me all the tapes of Red Dwarf Seasons 1 through to 8 were AWOL. So much for videos never being lost!

And so, it's back to the book. It's even better than the TV series anyway.

And if I want to watch something, there is always "It's a wonderful life" and the Flintstones cartoons, LOL.

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