Thursday, August 21, 2008

Romance Writers of New Zealand Conference 2008

This was a difficult conference for me personally because of my husband's 40th birthday falling on the Conference Sunday. Talk about shoddy timing! Nevertheless, despite His Lordship's mid-life moodiness at not being the centre of my universe and my son's freak-me-out accident at the gym ("I wonder where Mr Jetson goes in the cartoon's title sequence, let me stick my hand into the running treadmill and find out"), I managed to have an absolutely fabulous time.

The highlights:
· Margie Lawson’s workshop on Emotions. I had the notes already, but Marge makes them come alive. Her energy and enthusiasm for good writing are contagious and I hope her cliché alerts stick with me.
· Margie Lawson’s analysis of Harlan Coben’s opening chapter of “No second chance”. It’s amazing that the author can produce a gripping opening that lasts several pages and yet is all back flash and self-talk (which are supposed to be pace-killers, and yet, in this case, are not).
· The chance to meet Cindy Hwang of Berkeley.
· The most gianormous chocolate cake I’ve ever seen. Honestly, you could have hidden all our egos in it. J

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